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Public disclosures

The Federal Reserve is accountable to the United States Congress, and ultimately, the American people. As part of that accountability, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the pursuit of our public mission.

NOTE: On March 24, 2023, the Federal Reserve Banks announced an agreement to adopt a common policy for public requests for information. Read more

President’s speaking schedule

As part of her role as a Federal Reserve Bank President, Lorie Logan speaks publicly on the economy, monetary policy and the financial system. As part of our commitment to transparency, the Dallas Fed publishes her public speaking schedule.

President’s financial disclosures

Reserve Bank presidents file an annual document to publicly disclose their financial holdings and transactions. They are also required to promptly disclose transactions involving stocks, bonds, commodity futures, and other securities.

Dallas Fed financial statements

Every year, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (BOG) and the Federal Reserve Banks prepare and release audited financial statements. We release our financial statement from the previous year in late March.

The BOG also prepares quarterly financial reports that present summary financial information on the combined financial position and results of operations of the Reserve Banks. All financial information included in the quarterly financial reports is unaudited.

Dallas Fed code of conduct

As part of our commitment to the public, we require our employees to perform their work with honesty, integrity and impartiality and without improper preferential treatment to any person. See our code of conduct.