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Asset building


  • Retirement Reality Check

    While longer-term concerns may be taking a backseat to short-term ones during the crisis, the pandemic underscores how important it is for individuals to invest in their own financial security.

  • One Crisis Away: Forum Calls Attention to North Texans on Financial Edge

    On Feb. 27, North Texas public broadcaster KERA and the Communities Foundation of Texas hosted a public forum at Dallas City Performance Hall that sought to answer one question: What is asset poverty?

  • The State of Low- and Moderate-Income Families in Texas: A Conversation with CPPP's Frances Deviney

    Frances Deviney of the Center for Public Policy Priorities off-site (CPPP) provided insights into the state of low- and moderate-income (LMI) families in Texas, as reflected in the CFED 2014 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard for Texas off-site. Deviney is the Texas KIDS COUNT director and senior research associate at CPPP, an independent research organization that works to ensure health care, nutrition, jobs, education and protection for LMI communities across the state through policy analysis, public education, advocacy, coalition-building and technical assistance. In her role, she tracks the status of child well-being by collecting and analyzing state and county-level data and helps coordinate CPPP's family economic security work.

  • One Crisis Away: A Behind-the-Scenes Conversation with KERA

    The Dallas Fed highlights One Crisis Away, a news series and forum on asset poverty in North Texas, presented by local public broadcaster KERA and Communities Foundation of Texas.

  • Texas Consumer Credit Series

    Student Loans Part 2: Borrowing for a Future

    While rising student debt remains a source of concern in the U.S., student loans nevertheless play an important role in financing higher education. The number of student borrowers in Texas and the amount borrowed continue to climb, as shown in Part 1 of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas' analysis of student loan activity in the state. Even so, Texans have low student loan debt compared with borrowers across the U.S.

  • Programs Empower Texas Nonprofits to Influence Policy Change

    Many Texas nonprofit organizations work to promote economic opportunity and stability through outreach, education and information. However, one area that may be lacking is policy work and advocacy.