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Financial Reporting

The Federal Reserve Bank processes various financial and regulatory reports submitted by Eleventh District financial institutions. Our analysts review the reported data to ensure accuracy and contact institutions to clarify questionable data. We also provide guidance to institutions regarding reporting requirements and definitions of data items.

Data users include the Federal Open Market Committee, Banking Supervision, Board and Reserve Bank economists, and the Department of the Treasury. Unless considered confidential, the macro data is also made available to the public, economists, researchers, the media and various community or consumer groups.

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What's New

Quarterly FR 2900 Letter

  • The Quarterly FR 2900 Letter for September 15 - 21, 2020, is now available.
  • The quarterly report is due September 22, 2020.
  • Instructions for completing the reports, as well as sample forms are available online.
  • Contact Anna Waked by email or phone at 214-922-5399 for reporting questions or additional information.
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