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Dallas Fed events

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Our listings include in-person and virtual programs. See event details for registration and contact information, as well as agenda, presentations or recordings when available.

  • Energy and the Economy: The New Energy Landscape

    The conference focused on geopolitics as well the outlook for global energy markets and the U.S. energy sector.

  • Methods and Applications for DSGE Models Workshop

    The subject of the workshop is broadly empirical macroeconomics, with an emphasis on research based on dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models.

    Dallas Fed
  • Broadband Learning Forum: Lessons Learned on the Advancing Digital Inclusion Initiative

    This presentation on Nov. 3 highlighted community leaders sharing lessons learned as they work to achieve a sustainable strategy for connecting all residents to the internet.

  • 16th Annual Economics Scholars Program Conference for Undergraduate Research

    The Economics Scholars Program (ESP) is a collaborative effort between Austin College and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas to foster the involvement of undergraduate economics students in all facets of research.

  • Supply Chains in a Changing Global Landscape

    This conference on Oct. 20, 2022, explored supply-chain challenges and how businesses and institutions can manage risk and respond to supply-chain disruption. It also discussed the costs and benefits of reshoring, including the implications of higher costs for consumers, and the role of technology.

    San Antonio
  • Technology-Enabled Disruption: Lessons from the Pandemic and the Path Ahead

    This conference is designed to provide a better understanding of technology-enabled disruption during the pandemic for households and businesses, and the path ahead, along four dimensions: supply chains, educational services, the labor market and digital payments.

  • Introducing Dallas Fed President Lorie K. Logan

    During her first public event, the Dallas Fed’s new president and CEO Lorie K. Logan shared her vision and goals as she begins her leadership. She also answered audience questions.

  • Economic Summit

    This full-day program in Dallas analyzed regional and international economic issues including the energy trade, economic growth and inflation.

  • International Marketplace

    This one-day program in Houston analyzed international economic issues, including global value chains, the Ukraine–Russia conflict, central bank digital currency and the international energy trade.

  • U.S.–Mexico Border Connections

    This full-day program in El Paso analyzed various cross-border economic issues including the energy trade, investment and migration flows, and the U.S.–Mexico economic relationship.

    El Paso