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Southwest Economy, Second Quarter 2022

Second Quarter 2022

Changing Economy Likely to Test Banks as Stimulus Ends, Growth Slows

Banks in the region and the U.S., which have benefited from pandemic-era fiscal stimulus, face downside risks arising from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ongoing COVID-19 shocks abroad and expectations of significant central bank tightening to address elevated inflation.

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Houston Still an Energy Town, Largely Pins Growth on the Sector

In recent months, increasing oil and gas demand and shifting geopolitics have become tailwinds for energy production and exports—as well as for Houston.

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Spotlight: Federal Dollars Could Drive Electric Vehicle Charging Across Texas

Consumers who are reluctant to switch to electric vehicles cite inadequate charging facilities. The federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act seeks to address such concerns, providing funding to expand charging infrastructure along interstates and in rural areas.

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Looking Back: Harris County Five Years After Hurricane Harvey Hit

We look back five years, when then-Harris County Judge Ed Emmett went “On the Record” in Southwest Economy to discuss the response to Hurricane Harvey.

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Trade Binds Central America, Mexico to U.S. Despite Past Inequities

Raymond Robertson, director of the Mosbacher Institute for Trade, Economics and Public Policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, discusses the impact of free trade agreements on Mexico and Central America.

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Around the Region: Texas Home Prices Rose at Record Pace in 2021

The buyer frenzy in Texas housing markets began in summer 2020, just months after COVID-19 shut down the economy in March and April.

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Crypto Miners Eye Texas for Energy Abundance; Banks View Digital Entrée

Cryptocurrencies have existed for over 10 years. Since their launch, cryptocurrencies have grown in quantity and market capitalization. Because they rely on decentralized technology that is computationally complex, cryptocurrencies are significant energy consumers. Texas' power-generating abilities have captured the attention of cryptocurrencies as miners move to the state.

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