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  • Surveys

    Outlook improves even as oil and gas activity little changed; breakeven prices increase

    Activity in the oil and gas sector was relatively unchanged in the first quarter of 2024, according to oil and gas executives responding to the Dallas Fed Energy Survey.

  • Research Department Working Papers

    The Impact of the 2022 Oil Embargo and Price Cap on Russian Oil Prices

    This paper documents the effect of the oil embargo and price cap on Russian oil exports in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

  • Research Department Working Papers

    Investing in the Batteries and Vehicles of the Future: A View Through the Stock Market

    A large number of companies operating in the EV and battery supply chain have listed on a U.S. stock exchange in recent years. This paper compiles a unique data set of high-frequency stock returns for those companies and investigates the extent to which an “industry” factor specific to the EV and battery supply chain (an “EV” factor) can explain their returns.

  • Energy Indicators

    Coal power usage continues to decline in Texas. Solar power will be roughly half of all new electric-generation additions in both Texas and the U.S. in 2024, according to the Energy Information Administration.

  • Permian Basin Economic Indicators

    Permian Basin employment and wages rose during fourth quarter 2023, while the unemployment rate fell. The region’s rig count and the price of oil notably declined.

  • Energy Indicators

    The U.S. rig count declined in 2023, natural gas prices declined, and oil prices held relatively steady. Large oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) firms are turning their attention to acquiring assets in 2024, while small firms are aiming to grow production.

  • Energy Indicators

    Natural gas liquids (NGLs) production increased in 2023, and exports grew to new heights. U.S. chemical production improved in 2023, helped by easing input costs. The petrochemicals sector saw softening prices, and the basic chemicals sector saw increasing real export values. 

  • Energy Indicators

    U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) are expected to continue to grow into 2024. Global natural gas and heating oil prices are subdued as the winter outlook has moderated, while propane prices are increasing but remain significantly below last year’s levels.

  • Surveys

    Dallas Fed Energy Survey

    Activity in the oil and gas sector was essentially unchanged in fourth quarter 2023, according to oil and gas executives responding to the Dallas Fed Energy Survey.

  • Research Events

    2nd CEMLA/Dallas Fed Financial Stability Workshop

    The Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas invite submissions to their 2nd Financial Stability Workshop, to be held from November 30 to December 1, 2023, in Dallas.