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Economic Data

BigTex High-Performance Computing

About BigTex

As economic research becomes more data intensive and models become more complex, computing power is ever-more important. BigTex, provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, is the largest high-performance computing (HPC) environment in the Federal Reserve System. It is used by Federal Reserve economists and their co-authors to investigate the big problems that only vast computing resources allow.

This research benefits Federal Reserve economists as well as researchers in academia and industry. Recent examples include research on the nonlinear impacts of the business cycle and monetary policy, algorithms that enable a researcher to update estimators using new data, and designing the best possible unemployment insurance payments during recessions and expansions. Check out the list of papers that were published as a result of using BigTex to learn more.


For further information about the environment or to request access, please email


BigTex has opened the door to frontier economic research. The following is a list of working papers and publications in peer-reviewed academic journals that were supported in part through the computational resources provided by the BigTex high-performance computing environment.