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Considering a position with any organization means taking into account more than just your salary. Benefits are a crucial part of and a substantial supplement to your earnings. The Bank's salaries are competitive with those of comparable employers in the local area. The Bank's pay-for-performance philosophy is designed to recognize and reward employees' individual and group performance.

In addition to Federal Reserve System Benefits, Dallas Fed employees have benefits specific to our District.

Education Reimbursement Program

The Bank has a long-standing tradition of encouraging its staff members to continue their education. After three months of service, employees are eligible to participate in the Education Reimbursement Program. The program provides 100 percent reimbursement of tuition and certain eligible expenses (after the employee meets certain criteria), based on the tuition rate at local state-supported colleges. Our in-house training unit also provides a wide range of classes—from management skills to PC training.

Vacation and Holidays

All full-time and part-time employees are immediately eligible for vacation time, which is determined by the date of employment. Part-time employees earn vacation and holidays on a prorated basis. Exempt-level staff earn 15 days per year, while nonexempt staff earn 10 days per year. Employees gain additional days of vacation with service, up to a maximum of 23 days per year. In addition to vacation, employees receive 10 paid holidays per year and one personal day after one year of employment.

Parking and Commuting

All employees have the choice of parking in the Bank's secured parking area or using public transportation, which is subsidized by the Bank. Subsidized bus passes are a tax-free benefit.

Wellness Center

The Bank encourages employees to take an active role in their health and well-being. The Bank offers an exercise facility with cardio/aerobic and weight-training equipment. The facility is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be accessed for a minimal monthly cost, depending on location.


The Bank maintains a full-service cafeteria.

Perfect Attendance Incentive

Nonexempt employees are eligible to receive an incentive day of paid leave if they have perfect attendance for an entire calendar year.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Bank's EAP is a confidential, third-party service that provides professional diagnostic and referral and short-term professional counseling to help deal with personal problems. This program is available to you and your eligible family members.


The Bank recognizes that many employees face the challenge of balancing career, family and personal responsibilities. To help address these needs, the Bank administers a series of policies that provide a fair measure of flexibility. The Bank's EAP offers services regarding personal finances, elder/child care, adoption, academic programs, legal services and balancing work/life—to name a few. In some instances, flexible work schedules are available.

On-Site Perks

Flu vaccinations, massage therapy, mammogram check-ups, gift shop, business casual attire, credit union and a smoke-free workplace.

Note: The benefits described here are summaries of actual plans. Complete details of each plan are contained in the official plan policies. Should a discrepancy occur between this information and the official plan policies, the plan policies will prevail. On-site services may vary by location.

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