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Opportunity Youth in Texas

Identifying and Reengaging the State’s Disconnected Young People
Opportunity Youth in Texas


Data at a Glance

The following fact sheets provide basic information about opportunity youth in each of the counties of interest as of 2017. Data are from the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) from the 2017 5-year American Community Survey (ACS), conducted by the Census Bureau. The information includes race and ethnicity, gender and location within the county. The fact sheets are meant to serve as an introduction for community leaders concerned about opportunity youth in their area.

Bexar County

Number of opportunity youth: 33,613 Disconnection rate: 13.2%

Bexar County Disconnection RateBexar County Disconnection Rate

Chart 2A

Chart 3A

Dallas County

Number of opportunity youth: 45,010 Disconnection rate: 14.2%

Dallas County Disconnection RateDallas County Disconnection Rate

Chart 5A

Chart 6A

Harris County

Number of opportunity youth: 75,852 Disconnection rate: 13.4%

Harris County Disconnection RateHarris County Disconnection Rate

Chart 8A

Chart 9A

Hidalgo County

Number of opportunity youth: 22,601 Disconnection rate: 18.5%

Hidalgo County Disconnection RateHidalgo County Disconnection Rate

Chart 11A

Chart 12A