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Financial Industry Studies Working Papers

Financial Industry Studies working papers were published 1996–2000.

No. 1-00

Early Warning Models in Real Time
Jeffery W. Gunther and Robert R Moore

No. 1-99

The Determinants of the Wealth Effects of Banks' Expanded Securities Powers
David P. Ely and Kenneth J. Robinson

No. 2-99

What Was Behind the M2 Breakdown?
Cara Lown, Stavros Peristiani and Kenneth J. Robinson

No. 3-99

Evaluating the Productive Efficiency and Performance of U.S. Commercial Banks
Richard S. Barr, Kory A. Killgo, Thomas F. Siems and Sheri Zimmel

No. 1-97

Geographic Liberalization and the Accessibility of Banking Services in Rural Areas
Jeffery W. Gunther

No. 2-97

Bank Acquisition Determinants: Implications for Small Business Credit
Robert R. Moore

No. 3-97

Payments-Related Intraday Credit Differentials and the Emergence of a Vehicle Currency
Sujit "Bob" Chakravorti

No. 4-97

Adverse Selection and Competing Deposit Insurance Systems in Pre-Depression Texas
Jeffery W. Gunther, Linda M. Hooks and Kenneth J. Robinson,

No. 5-97

Competitive Viability in Banking:Looking Beyond the Balance Sheet
Jeffrey A. Clark and Thomas F. Siems


Moral Hazard and Texas Banking in the 1920s
Linda M. Hooks and Kenneth J. Robinson

No. 2-96

Analysis of Systemic Risk in the Payments System
Sujit “Bob” Chakravorti