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Research Events

2014 International Transportation and Economic Development (I-TED) Conference

Sheraton Dallas Hotel

I-TED 2014, the fifth international conference to concentrate on the linkage between transportation and economic development, will focus on the issues and challenges related to the economy, global concerns and financial constraints. Participants will discuss and address the emerging transportation needs of businesses and economic development. The scope at which this conference applies includes local, regional, state, national and global levels.

The conference will provide insight and information on:

  • Economic development implications of alternative transportation funding and financing strategies.
  • Economic development potential of passenger transport and freight rail infrastructure.
  • Assessing the economic development effects and community change of transit-oriented development.
  • International, national and regional economic development impacts of the Panama Canal expansion.
  • Linkages of international trade, economic development and transportation corridors and facilities.
  • Economic development implications of transportation disinvestment.
  • Climate change mitigation effects on transportation investments and sustainable economic development.
  • New perspectives on economic impact evaluation.
  • Economic development within the context of MAP-21 (July 2012 Re-Authorization Bill).
  • Transportation improvements and market competitiveness.

Opening session speakers include:

  • Deborah Miller, nominated to Surface Transportation Board and Vice-President of Cambridge Systematics
  • Jim Tymon, Director of Management and Program Finance, American Association of State Highway Transportation Organizations and former senior advisor to House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman, Bill Shuster
  • Mike Morris, North Central Council of Governments
  • Victor Vandergriff, Commissioner Texas Department of Transportation
  • Katie Turnbull, Texas A & M Transportation Institute

Other Highlights

  • A tour of the International Inland Port of Dallas operations in the DFW area.
  • Opening night poster session-reception hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. A tour is included.
  • Station tour hosted by DART.
  • Hands-on workshop on handling census data products.
  • Earn AICP professional development credits.