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Ali Ozdagli

Economic Policy Advisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Ali OzdagliAli Ozdagli is an economic policy advisor in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

His research focuses on macrofinance, corporate finance, financial intermediation and monetary policy. His work has been published in a wide range of journals, including the Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies and Journal of Monetary Economics.

Before joining the Dallas Fed in 2020, Ozdagli was a senior economist at the Boston Fed. He also worked as a lecturer at Boston University and at the University of Chicago, where he earned his PhD in economics. He has also been a research assistant at Humboldt University of Berlin, where he earned his MA in economics and management science.

Working Papers
  • “Interest Rates and Insurance Company Investment Behavior,” with Zixuan Wang.
  • “Entrepreneurship and Occupational Choice in the Global Economy,” with Federico Diez.
  • “Is Public Debt Arm’s Length? Evidence from Corporate Bond Purchases of Life Insurance Companies,” with Monica Barbosa.
  • “Monetary Policy Through Production Networks: Evidence from the Stock Market,” with Michael Weber, NBER Working Paper no. 23424.
  • “Financial Market Implications of Trade War,” December 2019.
  • “On the College Dropouts: Wealth and Uninsurable Idiosyncratic Risk,” with Nicholas Trachter, August 2015.
  • “College Enrollment, Dropouts and Option Value of Education,” with Nicholas Trachter.
  • “Not So Fast: High-Frequency Financial Data for Macroeconomic Event Studies,” December 2013.
  • “Monetary Policy Shocks and Stock Returns: Identification Through Impossible Trinity,” with Yifan Yu, September 2013.
  • “Distressed, but Not Risky: Reconciling the Empirical Relationship between Financial Distress, Market-Based Risk Indicators, and Stock Returns (and More),” November 2012.
  • “Implications of Investment Adjustment Cost for Investment Behavior”
Other Works