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    The value of all final goods and services produced, adjusted by inflation.

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About the Database of Global Economic Indicators

The Database of Global Economic Indicators (DGEI) from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas standardizes and disseminates world economic indicators for policy analysis and scholarly work on the role of globalization. Using a wide selection of economic indicators, the DGEI offers a broad perspective on how economic developments around the world influence the U.S. economy. DGEI includes a core sample of 40 countries with available indicators and broad coverage. Country groupings include rest of the world (ex. the U.S.) aggregates and subgroups of countries by development attainment and trade openness of which we regularly include only advanced (ex. the U.S.) and emerging in this website. The economic indicators tracked include:

  • real GDP
  • industrial production (IP)
  • merchandise exports and imports
  • headline CPI, CPI (ex. food and energy)
  • PPI/WPI inflation
  • nominal and real exchange rates
  • official/policy interest rates and
  • long-term interest rates.

All series are monthly, with the exception of real GDP which is reported at a quarterly frequency. Aggregation is based on trade shares with the U.S.

The Globalization Institute publishes these DGEI aggregate indicators on this website with an accompanying slideshow on Global Economic Conditions with additional country detail and economic data on current events. A detailed description of the sources and methodology can be found below. We would appreciate that anyone wishing to use this data, modified or otherwise, acknowledge its source with a citation of the methodological paper: for example, including a statement such as: “The authors acknowledge use of the dataset described in Grossman, Mack and Martínez-García (2014).”

Contact Information

For questions, comments or suggestions about the data or the webpage, please contact the authors at:

Braden Strackman:
Enrique Martínez-García:
Valerie Grossman: