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Economic Updates

Mexico Economic Update

Dallas Fed economists review recent economic conditions in Mexico.


Mexico’s economy grows for eighth straight quarter; outlook continues improving
November 2023

Mexico’s economic momentum continues; outlook improves
October 2023

Mexico’s economic momentum continues in second quarter
August 2023

Mexico’s economic growth continues; outlook improves, inflation moderates further
June 2023

Mexican economy picks up steam in first quarter
May 2023

Mexico’s economic growth continues, inflation moderates
April 2023

Mexico’s economic growth slows in fourth quarter; outlook weakens
January 2023


Mexican economy sends mixed signals toward year-end
December 2022

Mexico’s economy grows for fourth straight quarter; outlook improves
November 2022

Mexico’s economy slightly improves; outlook deteriorates
October 2022

Mexico’s economy grows for third straight quarter; outlook improves
August 2022

Mexico’s economic growth continues; outlook remains unchanged
July 2022

Mexico’s economic growth picks up, but outlook weakens
May 2022

Mexico’s economy picks up at start of 2022
March 2022

Mexico’s economy contracts at end of 2021
February 2022


Mexico’s economic growth continues slowing; outlook worsens
December 2021

Mexico’s economic growth tumbles in third quarter; outlook worsens
November 2021

Mexico’s economic growth slows, outlook remains steady
September 2021

Mexico’s economic growth improves in second quarter
August 2021

Mexico’s output growth revised up; outlook improves further
June 2021

Mexico’s output growth slows; outlook improves further
May 2021

Mexico’s economic recovery continues; outlook improves
April 2021

Mexico’s economic growth slows in fourth quarter
February 2021

NOTE: Issues of Mexico Update before 2020 are available on FRASER, the Federal Reserve's economic history archive.