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Global Perspectives Speaker Series


  • Global Perspectives with Eric Johnson and Robert S. Kaplan

    This special edition of Global Perspectives featured Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Dallas Fed President Robert S. Kaplan. The livestreamed event on May 14 was presented in partnership with local PBS affiliate KERA.


  • Global Perspectives with Donald Kohn

    In an online-only broadcast, Donald Kohn and Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan discuss Kohn’s career at the Fed, his experience during the Global Financial Crisis and his thoughts on the Fed’s reaction to the current crisis.


  • Global Perspectives with Thomas Hoenig

    In an online-only Global Perspectives conversation, Thomas Hoenig discusses banking supervision and the Federal Reserve's response to COVID-19.


  • Global Perspectives with James B. Milliken

    Due to the rapidly evolving situation concerning coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re cancelling the March 11 Global Perspectives event featuring James B. Milliken, the chancellor of the University of Texas System. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope we’ll be able to reschedule Chancellor Milliken. Please check this page for updates.


  • Global Perspectives with William C. Dudley

    William C. Dudley discusses monetary policy, the financial crisis and working for the Federal Reserve.


  • Global Perspectives with Douglas Holtz-Eakin

    Douglas Holtz-Eakin talks about his involvement with the American Action Forum and discusses health spending, inflation growth and corporate taxes.


  • Global Perspectives with Tom Luce

    Tom Luce talks about how how data is helping tell a deeper story about education and ways that Texas can improve its educational rankings.


  • Global Perspectives with Glenn Hubbard

    Glenn Hubbard shares his experiences working in the George W. Bush administration and discusses immigration's impact on the workforce.


  • Global Perspectives with Ruth J. Simmons

    Ruth J. Simmons talks about her upbringing and what led her to a career in academia. She also shares advice about how we can improve the education experiences from young children to college students.


  • Global Perspectives with Janet L. Yellen

    Janet Yellen, former chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, discusses how she became an economist, her job serving as the Fed chair and rethinking the 2 percent inflation goal.


  • Global Perspectives with Mike Leavitt

    Leavitt Partners founder, former Utah governor and Bush-era cabinet member Mike Leavitt shares his thoughts on reforming health care, the new models of education and how technology is disrupting higher education.


  • Global Perspectives with N. Gregory Mankiw

    N. Gregory Mankiw, the Robert M. Beren Professor of Economics at Harvard University, talks about what economists don’t understand about politicians, and what politicians don’t understand about economists.


  • Global Perspectives with Richard H. Clarida

    Richard H. Clarida, vice chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, discusses the global effects of U.S. monetary policy, the U.S. fiscal situation and the data dependence.


  • Global Perspectives with John Hess

    John Hess, CEO of Hess Corp., shares his take on the impact of climate change on energy, understanding environmental challenges and the search for U.S. reserves.


  • Global Perspectives with Maya MacGuineas

    Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, addresses how the U.S. can handle the growing burden of U.S. debt, the importance of human capital and how politics is impacting the national debt.


  • Global Perspectives with Jerome H. Powell

    Jerome H. Powell, chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, discusses his career path to the Federal Reserve, challenges to normalizing monetary policy and the state of the economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Robert S. Taubman

    Robert S. Taubman, chairman, president and CEO of Taubman Centers, Inc., talks about brick and mortar stores, how e-commerce is affecting shopping centers and the state of retail in China.


  • Global Perspectives with Ellen Ochoa

    Ellen Ochoa, former director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and former member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas board of directors, discusses her path to being an astronaut, the importance of STEAM education and serving on the Dallas Fed board.


  • Global Perspectives with David Wessel

    David Wessel, former journalist and current director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution, talks about the skills a former journalist brings to a think tank, the biggest economic problems facing the United States and the challenges of the modern press.


  • Global Perspectives with Darren Walker

    Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, discusses lessons of leadership, the creation of the Ford Foundation and the function of philanthropy in society.


  • Global Perspectives with Daniel Yergin

    Daniel Yergin, vice chairman of IHS Markit and a founder of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates, talks about the oil price outlook, implications of offshore drilling and the impact of driverless technology on the energy industry.


  • Global Perspectives with Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box

    Amber Venz Box and Baxter Box discussed technology-enabled disruption.


  • Global Perspectives with Jan W. Rivkin

    Jan W. Rivkin, senior associate dean for research and co-chair of the project on the competitiveness of the United States at Harvard Business School, discussed national and global economic issues.


  • Global Perspectives with Ross Perot Jr.

    Ross Perot Jr., chairman of both The Perot Group and Hillwood, discussed issues facing the nation and global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Kevin M. Warsh

    Kevin M. Warsh, former member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, discussed issues facing the nation and global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Peter R. Orszag and Robert C. Robbins

    Peter R. Orszag, vice chairman of investment banking and global co-head of health care for Lazard, and Dr. Robert C. Robbins, surgeon and hospital administrator, discussed issues related to health care costs, reform and the role that health care plays in the U.S. economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Robert D. Hormats

    Robert D. Hormats, vice chairman of Kissinger Associates, discussed issues facing the nation and the global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Fred P. Hochberg

    Fred P. Hochberg, chairman and president of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, discussed issues facing the nation and the global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Mervyn King

    Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, discussed issues facing the nation and the global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Robert E. Rubin

    Robert E. Rubin, former secretary of the Treasury, discussed issues facing the nation and the global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Lawrence H. Summers

    Lawrence H. Summers discussed national and global economic issues, as well as Federal Reserve monetary policy. Summers is Harvard University president emeritus, a Charles W. Eliot University professor and former secretary of the Treasury.


  • Global Perspectives with Nitin Nohria

    Nitin Nohria, dean of Harvard Business School, discussed issues facing the nation and the global economy.


  • Global Perspectives with Hank Paulson

    Hank Paulson, chairman of the Paulson Institute, discussed the transformation of China, the challenges of being a CEO in the 21st century and the fiscal challenges confronting the U.S.


  • Global Perspectives with Agustín Carstens and Stephen S. Poloz

    Agustín Carstens, governor of Banco de México, and Stephen S. Poloz, governor of Bank of Canada, discussed the future of NAFTA and the challenges that low oil prices have created for North America.


Connecting global thought leaders and community members for conversation around economic issues.


Registration will open about six weeks prior to each event. Please visit the event page for access to the registration link.

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