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Banking Conditions Survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas conducts the Banking Conditions Survey twice each quarter to obtain a timely assessment of activity at banks and credit unions headquartered in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District.

CEOs or senior loan officers of financial institutions are asked whether they are seeing changes in a series of indicators. In addition, participants are given the opportunity to submit comments on current issues that may be affecting their business and outlook. The answers supply timely information on banking conditions in preparation for monetary policy deliberations before the eight Federal Open Market Committee meetings each year.

2021 Release Dates

Data Collection Period


February 2–10 February 16
March 16–24 March 29
May 4–12 May 17
June 15–23 June 28
August 10–18 August 23
September 21–29 October 4
November 2–10 November 15
December 14–22 December 27

Questions regarding the Banking Conditions Survey can be addressed to Emily Kerr at

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Banking Conditions Survey
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