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Become a Survey Panelist

The Dallas Fed conducts recurring surveys of over 1,000 business executives in manufacturing, services, energy, and banking across Texas and the broader Eleventh Federal Reserve District. The information collected is a valuable component of regional economic analysis and monetary policy-making.

A short, multiple-choice survey—requiring less than 10 minutes to complete—is transmitted to panelists via a secure email link on a recurring basis (usually monthly or quarterly). Panelists’ names, company affiliations and individual responses are kept strictly confidential.

Texas Business Outlook Surveys

The Texas Business Outlook Surveys gauge regional business activity in the manufacturing, service and retail sectors. Frequency: monthly

Energy Survey

Our region is the most important oil and gas producer in the nation. Be part of a process that gauges energy activity and informs monetary policy-making. Frequency: quarterly

  • Who should join: Owners and executives at oil and gas extraction or support services firms located or headquartered in Texas, northern Louisiana or southern New Mexico.
  • Sample forms: E&P | O&G support services 
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Banking Conditions Survey

The Banking Conditions Survey provides a timely assessment of activity at banks and credit unions headquartered in the Eleventh Federal Reserve District. Frequency: About every 6 weeks

  • Who should join: CEOs or senior loan officers of financial institutions in Texas, northern Louisiana or southern New Mexico.
  • Sample form
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