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Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2020

Third Quarter 2020

COVID-19’s Fiscal Ills: Busted Texas Budgets, Critical Local Choices

COVID-19 and related economic shutdowns have raised concerns that state and local government revenues will fall short of expectations just as demand for services soars.

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Texas Economy Mends in Fits and Starts from Pandemic’s Onslaught

A resurgent COVID-19 outbreak in Texas has stymied a state economic recovery, according to the Texas Business Outlook Surveys and high-frequency data that document activity on a more granular level.

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Spotlight: Energy Sector Slow to Recover from Malaise Arising from Effects of Global Pandemic

After absorbing a big hit from the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy sector may take until 2022 to recover.

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Looking to Economics for Help in Addressing Enduring Discrimination

Gary A. Hoover holds a President’s Associates Presidential Professorship and is chairman of the Economics Department at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He specializes in policy analysis of income distribution and poverty, public finance and ethics in economics. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Economics, Race and Policy.

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Go Figure: Vehicle Sales Highlight Surprising Resilience in Spending During Pandemic

Texas truck/SUV sales held steady while car sales declined steeply amid the recession caused by COVID-19.

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Snapshot: Texas Employment Estimate Debuts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ new Texas Weekly Employment Estimate (TWEE) is a timely tool to monitor evolving economic conditions while awaiting release of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ establishment survey of employment.

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