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Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2021

Third Quarter 2021

Once-Oil-Dependent Texas Economy to Keep Growing as Renewable Energy Expands

The negative environmental impacts of global warming have motivated the beginnings of a global transition from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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Federal Support Keeps State Budgets (Including Texas’) Healthy amid Tumult from COVID-19-Induced Economic Ills

An unprecedented federal fiscal response to the COVID-19-induced recession in early 2020 helped prop up state government finances even among states whose tax and finance structures put them at particular risk during a downturn.

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Technology Displaced Workers in Pandemic; Retraining Must Expand

Tamar Jacoby, president of Opportunity America, discusses the pandemic, worker mobility and job training.

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Go Figure: Birth Rates Falling Faster in Texas than U.S.

Although birth rates in Texas remain higher than in the U.S., their decline since 2007 has been particularly noteworthy.

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President’s Perspective

President Kaplan shares recent thoughts on excesses and imbalances, asset purchases and the federal funds rate, and supply/demand imbalances.

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Spotlight: Missteps Along U.S.–Mexico Border Hinder Movement of COVID-19 Biomedical Trade

While most activity in the Paso del Norte region is concentrated in automotive parts and electronic components, a cluster of biomedical manufacturers has emerged in Juárez in recent years.

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Snapshot: U.S. Recessions Test Latino Advances

Economic outcomes of Latinos are far more sensitive to the business cycle than are outcomes for non-Hispanic whites.

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