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Southwest Economy, First Quarter 2022

First Quarter 2022

Students Cut College During Pandemic; Their Return Is Uncertain

Postsecondary institutions suddenly closed their doors with the arrival of COVID-19 in March 2020. Two years later, the impacts are coming into focus.

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Turbulent Economy Tests Texans Who Lack Financial Knowledge

Texans continue to trail the nation in financial literacy as measured by the National Financial Capability Study. The Legislature has taken steps to enhance personal finance instruction in a bid to improve performance.

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Spotlight: New Mexico Marijuana Legalization’s Costs, Benefits Remain Unclear

New Mexico legalized recreational marijuana use last year, joining 17 other states. Anticipated benefits and costs partially offset one another, but there is considerable uncertainty around both.

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Looking Back: Shale Oil Boom Gave Permian Basin a Second Life

We look back a decade ago as Southwest Economy told of the rebirth of the Permian Basin as part of the shale oil boom in “Permian Basin Booms as New Techniques Resurrect Old Sites.”

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Cross-Border Manufacturing Rises from Pandemic Lows

Fabiola Luna, president of the Association of Maquiladoras, Index Ciudad Juárez, dicusses cross-border trade and the impact of the pandemic.

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Around the Region: Texas Reclaims Jobs Lost in Pandemic; Some Metros Still Trying to Catch Up

The recovery from the pandemic recession ushered in a massive reallocation of employment between industries with repercussions for different areas of the state.

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