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Highlighting the dynamic economy of Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico

Southwest Economy

Anil Kumar

Amid widespread reports of worker shortages, Texas' not-so-constricted labor markets have helped the state outpace the nation in job growth.

Jesse Thompson

The cost of keeping the lights on in Texas homes has soared this year, as natural gas prices attained highs not seen since 2008.

Craig Boyan. president of San Antonio-based grocery chain H-E-B, discusses lingering pandemic challenges and operating in a difficult economic environment.

Laila Assanie and Yichen Su

Data on patents and employment show that Texas is a major center of innovation and high-tech employment.

Ana Pranger and Pia Orrenius

Unemployment rates across Texas metros have come down quickly since the pandemic recession of 2020, though they remain above preoutbreak levels.

Content: Ana Pranger; Design: Justin Chavira and Emily Rogers

Texas is comparable to entire countries—and so are some of its urban areas.

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Southwest Economy

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