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Southwest Economy, Fourth Quarter 2019

Fourth Quarter 2019

Gentrification Transforming Neighborhoods in Big Texas Cities

An influx of new, affluent residents has descended on gentrifying neighborhoods around Texas’ four largest cities, while increasing housing costs have led some low-income households and at-risk populations to locate in more suburban areas.

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Texas Sees Job, Output Gains from 2018 U.S. Tax Cut

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 likely played an important role in Texas’ stronger subsequent job growth relative to the nation.

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Rising Demand, Renewables Generate New Challenges for Electric Utilities

Paula Gold-Williams, president and CEO of CPS Energy, offers her perspective on the electricity market in Texas.

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Go Figure: Assessing the Cost of Longer Border Wait Times

Wait times spiked in spring 2019 when Customs and Border Patrol resources were diverted away from border crossings.

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Spotlight: Banks Face Growing Cybercrime Threat

Cybercrime is on the rise in the Eleventh District according to FBI data.

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President's Perspective

President Kaplan shares recent thoughts on interest Rates and global government debt, the U.S. economy, and recent trade developments.

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Snapshot: Energy Sector Sees More Weakness

Softening oil prices and price expectations, negative stock market returns and tightening credit conditions are putting downward pressure on energy industry activity and employment.

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