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  • Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2021

    Birth rates falling faster in Texas than U.S.

    Although birth rates in Texas remain higher than in the U.S., their decline since 2007 has been particularly noteworthy.

  • Southwest Economy, Third Quarter 2020

    Looking to economics for help in addressing enduring discrimination

    Gary A. Hoover holds a President’s Associates Presidential Professorship and is chairman of the Economics Department at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. He specializes in policy analysis of income distribution and poverty, public finance and ethics in economics. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Economics, Race and Policy.

  • Southwest Economy, First Quarter 2020

    Policy changes could boost women’s participation in U.S. workforce

    Fang Yang, an associate professor of economics at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, discusses the labor market impacts of tax policy, an evolving U.S. workforce, the effects of gender and an aging population.