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Dallas Fed Economics

Alexander W. Richter and Nathaniel Throckmorton

Some economists have argued that because the job vacancy rate has been well above its prepandemic level, there is plenty of room for vacancies to fall before the unemployment rate must rise.

Lei Fang and Fang Yang

Western Europe differs from the United States not only in consumption tax, income tax and social security systems but also in the total factor productivity—a measure of productivity—for market production in which most European countries are low.

Garrett Golding

New regulations, weatherization standards and operational changes have addressed many shortcomings, but some critical gaps persist.

Aparna Jayashankar and Anthony Murphy

Household survey results do not support Nobel laureate economist Paul Krugman's recent suggestion that low-income families “have actually been hurt less by inflation than families with higher incomes.”

Alessio Saretto

DeFi applications allow users to directly interact with each other to borrow, lend, insure and exchange digital assets without centralized intermediaries, such as banks and custodial exchanges.

Xiaoqing Zhou

The prevalence of low-rate mortgages suggests that future policy rate cuts may not as effectively stimulate household spending through refinancing as during past recessions.

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Dallas Fed Economics