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U.S. Economy

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Economic data

Trimmed Mean PCE

The Trimmed Mean PCE inflation rate is an alternative measure of core inflation in the price index for personal consumption expenditures (PCE).

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Weekly Economic Index

The WEI is an index of 10 daily and weekly indicators of real economic activity, scaled to align with the four-quarter GDP growth rate.

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Market value of U.S. government debt

Par and market values are reported for gross federal debt, privately held gross federal debt and marketable Treasury debt.

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U.S. economy charts

Monthly set of charts on U.S. economic activity, wages and prices and financial-sector developments

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Mexican peso strength noteworthy among emerging markets during Fed tightening

Many emerging-market currencies have depreciated modestly during the Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle that began in March 2022. The Mexican peso, however, outperformed the group during the period.

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Texas natives likeliest to ‘stick’ around, pointing to state’s economic health

Based on a calculation measuring the share of people born in each state who still live there, Texas is the nation’s “stickiest” state. The natives aren’t leaving.

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