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Research publications

Research publications


Economic analysis and insights from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Contains articles about economic conditions and business development in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana, including agriculture, banking, energy, high-tech, manufacturing and international trade in this region.

Working papers from the Dallas Fed Research Department are preliminary drafts circulated for professional comment. Selected papers are available online.

Working papers from the Dallas Fed's Globalization Institute.

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Special reports

A report on how Texas community colleges can fulfill their unique mission: training students across the state to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving 21st century workplace. Additional funding, greater outreach with business and recognition that many students seek specific skills training are among the measures discussed.
January 2023

At the Heart of Texas

A comprehensive look at the industry clusters, history and demographics shaping eight of the state’s key metropolitan areas: Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, McAllen, Midland-Odessa and San Antonio. There are four new areas covered: Amarillo, Beaumont–Port Arthur, Lubbock and Tyler–Longview.
December 2018

Digital Enforcement

This report estimates the effects of E-Verify on unauthorized immigrant employment and population in seven states.
September 2017

Annual Report

An in-depth look at the factors that contributed to the global oil price collapse and what comes next, including the outlooks for energy, banking, housing and jobs and wages. The report also examines the potential impact of the slowdown in China’s economy on the state’s growth.
April 2016

Gone to Texas

Texas benefits from having a large, diversified immigrant population but also faces several challenges to ensure its continued economic advancement. This special report provides a comprehensive portrait of Texas immigrants and examines economic issues related to surging immigration to Texas.
November 2013

The Long-Awaited Housing Recovery

U.S. housing markets experienced a notable boom and a painful bust in the past decade. Most recently, housing began its long-awaited recovery—the subject of this three-part report.
January 2013

Financial Stability

This report presents five essays on the theme of rethinking America’s banking system.
January 2013

Choosing the Road to Prosperity

The too-big-to-fail institutions that amplified and prolonged the recent financial crisis remain a hindrance to full economic recovery and to the very ideal of American capitalism. It is imperative that we break up the big banks.
March 2012

Conference proceedings
Forging a New Path in North American Trade and Immigration

Proceedings of the 2019 conference that explored what the future would bring to the deep economic relationship and the challenges and opportunities presented by the proposed United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA).
July 2021

NAFTA at 20: Effects on the North American Market

Proceedings of the 2014 conference that brought together leading academic and government researchers who explored the realities of the landmark trade agreement. This volume contains summaries of papers and studies presented during the conference.
November 2017

Migration, Trade, and Development

Proceedings from the Dallas Fed conference in 2006 that examine the various dimensions in which trade and migration affect economic development, whether individually or jointly, through economic or political forces.
December 2007

The Legacy of Milton and Rose Friedman

Proceedings of a conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, October 2003.
December 2004

Science and Cents

The recent rapid pace of discovery in life sciences raises a host of economic issues. These issues are addressed in papers presented at Dallas Fed conference on April 19, 2002.
September 2003

Historical publications

These publications are no longer published by the Dallas Fed. Selected issues are available online.